Journey towards A03

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Hi you guys, for this entry I would like to reflect on my journey for A03 by listing out  7 possible items which will ensure an effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson.

and there goes the 7 items:

1.Students’ prior knowledge.

Teacher should really know the students’ prerequisite knowledge before they can design a good lesson plan. It is because, by knowing their prior knowledge, it will be easier for the teacher to design any activities for the students. The teacher can recall the students’ prior knowledge and relate it with the current lesson that he will teach the them on that day. This will help them in understanding the new input and this can be some sort of motivation to the students since they usually will be curious to know more about the particular input related to their knowledge.

2. Let the students do their work in their own way.

By doing this, students will have the chances and opportunity to explore their talent and skills. Some teacher might be strict and ask the students to follow his/her ways of doing work in class and this will somehow limit their learning development since different students will have different ways and skills to develop themselves.  Besides , they will have the opportunity to move on to the next stage without waiting for the other students . This will ensure the effectiveness of personalized learning since this is also one of the criteria in implementing personalized learning in class.

3. Include group work activities in most of the lesson.

Group work activities is one of effective ways in promoting students centered and personalized learning. This is because, group work will allow the students to socialize and works with other people in class. Through this, they will be able to help each other and improve themselves with the help of other members. Furthermore, working in a group will enhance the students confidence since they will usually feel stronger and and  when working in group.

4. Designing lesson that can  develop their intellectual dimension.

For the lesson, we will make sure that the activities planned for the students within the lesson can trigger their mind and also challenges their creative and critical thinking. By involving and participating with these kind of activities, students will be able to  activate their knowledge in mind and  making them active learners. This will promote a higher order thinking skills as they will use their minds and thoughts to solve the problems given in questions or activities prepares for them.

5. The use of ICT.

We had used  ICT tools  in most of lesson designed inthis Assignement 3 . Even for the school that not provided with LCD projector or computer lab, we still use ICT as one of the tools that helping us in designing the lesson. We will at least use ICT to make or design task sheet for the students and we will print and make copies for the students. Most of the ICT tools used in this assignment are based on the list of tools given by the lecturer. Those list are very useful for us since it helps us in making the lesson interesting and attractive.

6. Include assessment and feedbacks of the lesson.

These two elements are important in a lesson and it should be neglected during the teaching and learning session.  Assessment and feedbacks will  help both students and teachers in identifying their mistakes and development during the lesson. Teacher will be able to trace whether can understand the input taught to them. From this, teacher will which part of the lesson should be emphasized to the students.

7. Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media

We had used multiple forms of media for the lesson plan. For eg: LCD projector, cd players, laptops, computers and many more. All of these media forms will help us in making the lesson interesting and attractive to the students. This surely promote the personalized learning since deliver instruction through multiple forms of media is one of the criteria underpin the personalized learning.

Okay~~ I think thats all for now…hopefully this will be a very useful information for you guys. Feel free to comment and give feedbacks~~tatatatta~~~~


E-book modification~~

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Hi guys..for this entry I would like to share my modification on my previous sem e-book. This modification is based on this class input on how to make e-book appealed to the students. I had considered several criteria taught by the lecturer in order to make my ebook attractive and effective to the students.

The title of my e-book is ” Hassan lost his blue cap”. This story is about Hassan who lost his cap when he went to the park. He asked his friend to help him searching the cap and lastly one of his friend had found the blue cap. So, this is the original front page of the ebook:

From this front page, I had modified it into this:::::

I changed the background colour of this slide in order to make sure that the background colour wont distract the readers from the main purpose which is reading the lines.  I also increase the size of the image and the font to make it vivid and clear to the reader.

For the content of the ebook, I had also modified the font size and colour and change the background colour . As had been stated above, this is also to make sure that the lines are clearly seen by the readers and the background colour wont distract the readers from the main purpose which is to read the story lines. So, this is the original slide:

The edited version will be this:::::

Then, I also changed the tone colour of certain background to make sure that it wont distract the lines written on it. To make the lines clearer, I changes its colour and make it contrast to the background colour. The original slide will be like this::

Edited version::

Plus, I also add on some questions between the story lines to trigger the students mind and make them think. The question will be like this:

Lastly for the ending slide, I changed and made it as similar as the front page so that this e book will be more like a book.

The original version is just a plain slide::

This is the edited version::

So, thats all for my ebook modification. Lot of things that I realized after doing this modification. Dont just think doing ebook for children is easy. Many factors and criteria we need to consider  before doing it just to make sure the ebook will be attarctive and effective to the readers.

Thats all for now….tatatataaa~~~~~~~~~

hi guys…we meet again…Im going to share with you one of the examples of lesson plan that inculcate the personalized learning. For this lesson, the tool used is story bird and I will use it for aiding the lesson. I will relate the procedures with the principles in the Personalized learning (note the italic sentences in bracket)

~~story bird~~

..and here goes the lesson.

CLASS :  2 Bestari ( Average proficiency)

DATE :  22 February 2011

TIME :  8 am to 9 am

ENROLLMENT  : 24 students

THEME  :  World of Stories

TOPIC   :  “Colours!”

MAIN SKILL :  Listening

INTERGRATED SKILL(S) :  Speaking and Writing

LEARNING OUTCOMES  :  1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately

SPECIFICATIONS  : 1.4.2 Listen to and follow simple instructions to do

something or make something.



In the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  • Thick  the correct colours based on the audio played .
  • Circle the correct objects based on the colours given.

EDUCATIONAL EMPHASIS         : CCTS – 1) Identifying

MORAL VALUES                             :  Appreciate colours  in life

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS    : Laptop, LCD, computers.


Set Induction:

1)    Teacher shows a video song on colours. ( Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media)

2)    Teacher asks the pupils about the pupils favorite color. ( Gather and use immediate feedback on students’ understanding)

3) Teacher tells the pupils that everything in this world has its own colours.


Pre- Listening:

1) Teacher tells the students that they are going to listen to a story entitled “Colours!” from story bird.Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media)

~~story used in this stage ” Colours!~~

2) Teacher introduces and teaches them about colours and the spellings of several colours while reading the story to them.

3) Teacher will ask several students to read aloud several sentences and spells the name of the colours stated in the story.

4) Teacher gaining their responses by asking them to give examples of colours that they know and the objects with the particular colours mentioned by them.  (Gather and use immediate feedback on students’ understanding)


1) Teacher plays a voice recording reading the story to the students. (Deliver instruction through multiple forms of media)

2) They will need to circle the correct colours based on the voice recording in the tasks prepared in their computer. (Teacher prepares hard copies for the students if there are not able to access the computer). (Be flexible when plans go awry)

~~example of the task~~

3)Teacher discusses the answer with the class

Post listening

1) Teacher display a picture to the students. The picture will consist of objects with different colours and they will need to group the objects based on their colours.(Teacher prepares hard copies of the picture  for the students if there are not able to access the computer). (Be flexible when plans go awry)

~~example of picture used~~

2) teacher checks their works together with the class.


1)   Teacher repeats the colours and asks the student to follow.

2) Teacher instill moral values.




Hi guys…hows your long weekends? hopefully you guys had enjoyed it to the fullest…Okay…for this post, I would like to reflect about the task that my group members and I had work on which is adapting the PPT “Who wants to be a millilonare”  as well as the presentations of this PPT by the other groups in the previous class.


By the time we had been assigned to adapt and enhancing this PPT game, my group members and I had considered several factors that we should focused on. For examples, the questions inserted in this games should be suitable with the topic and the targeted students. So, we had choose and create questions that could suit the topic taught to the students and the level of the students. This is important since the we need to make sure that all of the students were able to do this activity in the class.  The questions could not be to difficult to the students since it will demotivate the students and lead towards a high affective filter. The questions should not be too easy to them since it will not trigger their mind and intelligences towards the topic.

Moreover, my group members and I had also change the background of the slides and make it more attractive to the students. We choose to use backgrounds with brighter colour and suits the topic related to the questions asked in the slides. Images and animations were also included in order to attract the students towards this games. We had also used fonts with not only interesting and attractive style but also with clear letters writing and suitable size in the slides. By using those fonts, students will be able to read the questions clearly without any difficulties.

Plus, based on the other group members presentations, my group members and I had realized that there are actually many ways that we can use to make the lesson fun and interesting to the students .It  just depends on our creativity and the way we manipulated things. This ppt “Who want to be a millionar” game is one of the examples whereby from a very basic program like power point, we as teachers can actually create a game that can aid the teaching session and make it fun to the students. We can include pictures, images and also sounds to make it more attractive to the students. The students will surely participate and love this game so much.

So,what do you think about this game? For me, I will definitely use this game for my future teaching in the classroom…okaayy..I thinks that all for now…..tatatata  =)


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Hi guys, heard about famrville? im sure you guys are really familiar with farmville. Farmville is a farming social network game  developed by  Zynga and we can access this game through facebook.  We can actually utilize this game for the educational purposes in the classroom. I had idea on how to implement this game in the lesson for the students.


Lesson that use this game:

Year: 3

Language proficiency: Average Proficiency

Topic: Prepositions  (Eg: behind, besides, in front of, between) and sentence structure ( Eg:  The sheep is in front of the elephant)

Skills: Writing and listening

Previous knowledge: Nouns (names of animals. Eg: elephant, sheep, horse)

Learning objectives: In the end of the lesson, students will be able to :

-Write the correct sentence structure by using the correct preposition based on the game shown on the screen.

– Place the correct animals based on the preposition said by the teacher..


Set induction

1) Teacher projects the games on the screen and gain the students’ responses regarding the game on the screen.

2) Teacher asks the students about the position and place of the animals in the games


3) Teacher lists out the preposition said by the students.

Pre writing:

1) Teacher discusses the preposition listed with the class and introduces other preposition. (Eg of prepositions: besides, behind, in front of, etc)

2) Teacher teaches the students on how to construct sentences by u

sing the prepositions based on the game shown on the screen.  Eg: The sheep is in front of the elephant .

3) Teacher asks several students to write the correct structures on the white board in front of the class.

While writing:

1) Teacher distributes a task sheet for each of the student.

2) The students are required to write the correct sentences with the correct prepositions  based on the pictures given in the task sheet.

3) Teacher checks the students answer.

Post writing:

1) Students are required to play the game.

2) Teacher will read several sentences with prepositions and the students will need to place the animals based on the sentences read by the teacher.


-They will need to click the move button to move the animal based on the sentence read by the teacher-

– Eg:The sheep is beside the elephant-


1) Teacher sums up the lesson and reemphasizes on the topic taught.


The lesson above shows the implementation of Farmville game in the classroom.Hopefully, this simple lesson will  give you some ideas on applying and implementing internet games through out the lesson. Thats all for now…see you again..bye~~


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hello guys~~~hows the holiday?…ohh…hows Chinese New Year? Still in festive mood? hu3…. Hopefully its not too late to wish Happy Chinese new Year to all my Chinese friends and lecturers..Gong hei…gong hei…..ho3… this entry.. I would like to talk about ToonDoo….Never heard of it? Okay…lets me explain to you what is ToonDoo.. ToonDoo is one of the  fun, cool, comic-creating tool designed by Jambav dedicated for kids. This tool is also suitable for the educational purposes. Students and teachers can use and explore this tool based on their creativity and learn in a very fun learning environment.


The functions of the tool

There are lots of things that can be done by the students and teachers by using this tool. For instance:

1) Teacher can use this tool to create stories with pictures to be shown to the students. She/He can use the objects, characters, setting and many more features provided in this tool. From the particular story created, teacher can teach the students lots of input in class such as story lines, plots of the story, sentences structures, vocabulary, grammar and many more. The students will learnt all the input in a very fun and interesting way trough stories.

2) Teacher can also use this tool to teach the students on how to do and make appropriate dialogue in conversations. Teacher can test the students’ understanding of the input given by asking the students to do the dialogue  themselves by using this tool.

3. By using this tool, students can learn about parts of body. It is because, the tool provides the students with lots of images and pictures of parts of body. By doing this, they can enrich their vocabulary and science knowledge about their body.

4. Furthermore, teacher can also use this tool to trigger and enhance the students creative development by asking them to explore and use this tool for their learning. Teacher can ask them to do short story or comic strips and present their products to the class.

5. This tool can also encourage the students who do not have the talent to draw to show their expression and feeling in a new kind of way. They can use their creativity and ICT knowledge to create and produce their own masterpiece by using this tool.

The limitations of the tool

This tool really need a very high speed internet to load the page. If not, it will be very slow and waste lots of our time. I need to wait for several minutes for the page to be loaded before I can start using this tool. So, teachers who want to use this tool will have to make sure that the school is equipped with a high speed internet okay..

These are some pictures of the slow loading pages..

Secondly, this tool does not provide any animation and movements in its features. So, it will be less effective and attractive to the students since they will be more attracted to the animations with movements. Thirdly, the tool does not provide any sounds that can attract the students attention and aiding the learning session towards success.

When can this tool be used.

In my point of view, this tool can be used in any stages of the lesson from the set induction to the closure. It depend on the teacher creativity to manipulate this tool suit the lesson taught. For example, teacher can use this tool in the production stage whereby the students can use this tool to produce their on product based on what they learnt. From this, teacher will be able to test the students’ understanding on the lesson taught by the teacher.

The user friendliness from the teacher point of view

As for me, this tool is ‘friendly’ at certain point. It is because, this tool provide label for each button that can be use for the users as their guidance. Plus, it also provide lots of  pictures and objects that can help the users in creating their product with this tool. Users can also include their own photos form their own picture gallery to make the product bit more personal.

However,there are some points that make this tool not really friendly towards the user. First and foremost, if we want to use this tool, we have to sign up and fill in the form provided.So, it will be a troublesome for the users since they cannot directly used this tool before signing up the form application. Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, this tool will acquire a high speed internet access as it will take some time to load and buffer the pages. Plus, this tool do not provide any instructions for the users in using the tool. We need to explore ourselves and learn how to use this tool.

The tool is suitable for which standard

This tool is more suitable for the upper primary school students. It is because, the tool is quit complicated to be handled by the younger user. As had been mentioned above, it do not provide any instruction for the users , make it more difficult for the young learners to understand the usage of this tool.

Just want to share a video on how to start using this tool.

~~you may explore this tool by your self to get more information about this tool….thats all for now….daaa~~~



TPACK? Any idea??

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Ohh TPACK…whats an alien term for me..anyhow…lets discuss about it..maybe it can be our ‘friendly’ term for us.. Okay…For the first start..the definition of this term..what do you understand about TPACK? a pack of T? ho3… its not a pack of T..but its a pack of a learning tool consists of three elements which are T for Technological knowledge, P for Pedagogical knowledge and C for Content Knowledge.

This can be proven by:

The specialized, highly applied knowledge that supports content-based technology integration is known as“technological pedagogical content knowledge,” abbreviated TPCK or TPACK (Koehler & Mishra 2008).

The digram below will simplify this definition:

Actually, I had used TPACK in most of my lesson during may teaching practicum and I just did not realized it. One of the example will be explained below:

Class : 3 Jujur

Enrollment : 17 pupils

Theme: World of Knowledge

Topic :Beautiful Malaysia

Focused Skill : Listening

Integrated Skill : Reading

Language Focus : Proper Noun (names of traditional clothes and costumes in Malaysia)

TPACK elements:

Technological Knowledge:

For this lesson, I had used power point presentation slides in order to introduce the different types of traditional attires in Malaysia. The words and pictures in the slide shows were clear and big enough to be seen by the students even from the back. The colourful slides had attracted the students attention and they were seemed to be excited when I showed them the pictures related to the topic.

Power point slides used:

Plus, for the while listening activities, I had played an audio recording to the students. They were acquired to circle the correct words said based on the audio played. .  I really want to share the audio with all of you guys, but unfortunately due to technical factor, I did not able to upload it here.  Anyhow..not to make you guys disappointed, I will include the text stated in the audio.


Hi everyone, my Name is Umar.

I live in Malaysia and I am a Malaysian.

There are three main races in Malaysia which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

There are also Kadazans, Ibans, Baba and Nyonyas and many other races.

The Malays wear Baju Kurung , Kebaya and Baju Melayu as their traditional clothes.

They usually wear their traditional clothes during Hari Raya, Deepavali and wedding ceremony.

For the Chinese, they will wear Cheongsam and Samfoo during the Chinese New Year and also during their wedding ceremony.

As for the Indians, they will wear their traditional cloths such as Saree and Dhoti during Deepavali.

The Ibans will have the  Baju Burung for their males and Baju Bidang for their females.

The traditional cloths are very beautiful and colourful.

I like all of them so much.

Pedagogical Knowledge:

For this lesson, I had used Audio Lingual method whereby, I had asked the students to follow the words that I said for a number of time. I used the slides to shows the correct spelling of the words and I asked the students to repeat after me. Then, for while listening stage, I once again asked the students to listen to an audio recording played and circle the correct words based on the audio played. I had played the audio for several times and the students were seemed to acquire lots of new words from the audio recording.

Content knowledge:

For the content knowledge, the slides showed and the audio played to the students consist of several names and types of traditional attire in Malaysia.  So, by looking at the slided shows and listening to the audio played, the students were able to grab several words which is the language focus of the lesson.


So, thats how I integrated TPACK in my class.Hopefully you guys will learnt something from this post…thanks for viewing.